Coins: 26,820
Votes: 157,490,804
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,525,712
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
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About JamthundINU JämtHundINU is an example of quality work. JämtHundINU is a token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. By simply holding $JämtHundINU you receive 8% in $JämtHundINU rewards, everyone’s favourite memecoin, automaticallysent to your wallet. A new cryptocurrency called JämtHundINU token was launched in November 2021, making it one of the fast-est-growing crptocurrencies on the market. Besides helping save dogs as well asa bringing crypto to the average person, JãmtHundINU is decentralized. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology made JämtHundINU a faster Coin with 10x faster block speeds and cheaper gas fee 💰 Farming %40 of the total currency of JämtHundINU is used for farming output, which is the highest yield of farming industry It is divided into six pools. Investors can not only farm JämtHundINU, but also able to farm BNB. The farming contract is added to the White list, and the player does not deduct and handling charge for each deposit. Total supply : ➡️ Farming : %40 ➡️ Liquidity pool : %32 ➡️ Private sale : %22 (Those who are in the top 15 in the game score) ➡️ Burned : %6. 📊 Taxes : 🟢 Buy tax : %15 🔅 8% JämtHund INU Rewards 🔅 3% Marketing 🔅 4% Liquidty pool 🔴 Sell Tax : %15 🔅 8% JämtHund INU Rewards 🔅 3% Marketing 🔅 4% Liquidty pool 🔒 Liquidty will be locked for 2 years, no developer wallet. Our important links : 📌 WEBSITE 📌 FARMING 📌 TWITTER 📌 CONTRACT 📌 AUDIT 📄 WHITEPAPER




December 4, 2021


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