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INU MAX is More than just a meme token. We are a forward thinking team of meme token investors. That's why we decided to create INU MAX and his little brother (coming soon) MEME MAX index. IMAX is building a solid community to help turn our visions into reality. A meme coin Doa (coming soon). This will be the base of operations for all of the decision making within the IMAX ecosystem. Holders will be able to express their opinions, share ideas and vote for the direction of the Inu Max project. Leaving the decision making process entirely in the hands of the community. A much needed MEME INDEX! MMAX Index (coming soon) will be a fully comprehensive portfolio of the top earning meme coins MMAX holders will get exposure to by simply owning MMAX Tokens. Changes to the meme coin index can be voted on by the community members.

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June 20, 2021


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