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HyperMeteor HYMETEOR

HyperMeteor Token Live price data The live price of HyperMeteor Token today is 0.000000000243446 USD. $HyMETEOR It is down 0,10 from the last trading day! We update our USD to HyMETEOR every 10 minutes! HyperMeteor Has a Market Cap of 148,081 USD and is down 0,07$ in the last 24H! What Is HyperMeteor (HyMETEOR)? Hyper Meteor is a frictionless yield token. The network runs on Binance Smart Chain. The token contract employs a static reward system and 12% of every transaction is split into two parts. One part (8%) is distributed to holders, while the other (4%) is sent to the burn address. The tokens are permanently locked in the burn wallet, effectively reducing the available supply. The token was launched with the idea of creating a community token with a self-generating income mechanism for its owner. We want to encourage and educate our next generation with a focus on space and the future of humanity. HyMeteor is the native utility token that is associated with our ecosystem. Our interactive network is comprised of platforms dedicated to our “education through astronomy” goals. Hyper Meteor’s ecosystem includes: ● Space charity donations ● NFT store with a collection of ultra-rare artwork. ● Universe Defence gaming app. ● Hyper Meteor Merchandise. ● Constellation educational app. ● Community website. How much HyperMeteor is in circulation? The circulating supply of $HyMETEOR is 607836139489874 and it has a total supply of 1000000000000000 tokens. The tokens are available on the BSC network. Where can I securely store my HyperMeteor tokens? HyMETEOR is an BSC token so you will need a wallet that can hold BSC tokens. The most popular ones are MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

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May 11, 2021