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#HuskyVerse - MEMES GAME (P2E) Fun, super cool, funny, collectible MEME NFTs-it is the essence of this incredible gaming journey. The gameplay revolves around vour MEME NFTS .Your MEME is an NFT; You always have complete ownership of your NFTs. Use them to enjoy the fantastic in-game experience for yourself. Earn your own NFT in HUSKY MEMES GAME (HMG) and play to earn rewards! All NFT can be collected, freely exchanged in marketplace and upgrade to higer level, Lets's Meme it! ✅HuskyCoin is the crypto Metaverse you've been waiting for. ​ ✅By combining the power of memes with HuskyVerse, HUSKY gives power and opportunity to the people -- to the underdogs -- instead of venture capitalists and hedge funds. ✅HUSKY aims to to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. 📍HuskyCoin Metaverse INTEGRATION = HuskyVerse📍 💠 BSC. 📍 No Presales 📍 Slippage: 14% ⚖️ Tokenomics 💰 Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 ❇️ 9 % Marketing ✅ 1 % Developers ( Token Locked for 12 Months ) ❇️ 5 % Partnerships & Exchanges ( Token Locked for 3 Months ) 🔥BUY -🔥 📌📌Don't miss the chance to be the early holders. 💎 NEXT NEW X1000 💎 GEM 💎 NEXT NEW X1000 💎 GEM

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December 31, 2021


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