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Hoodrat.Finance Hoodrat

Hoodrat (HOODRAT token) is a hyper-deflationary project created on the Binance Smart Chain on May 13th 2021. HoodRat's creators were frustrated that many projects on the BSC network ended up being rug-pulls. This is the reason why we are planning to launch a Machine Learning-based Anti rug-pull assessment tool to end unsafe projects once and for all. The hyper-deflationary nature of HOODRAT, based on its high transaction fee, consitutes a boosted supply and demand model as the scarcity of the token increases with time. It is even more applied thanks to the utility that HOODRAT will provide. The path forward for HOODRAT is not only determined by market fluctuations, but it's also measured by its utility aspect.

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May 12, 2021