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Homerun Token HMRN

While the search is on for the next big thing, HOMERUN TOKEN is the 1st Multi-Chain Hybrid REIT (Real Estate Investment Token), acquiring assets in both the physical world and the Metaverse. This revolutionary token is available across multiple chains including BSC, Etherium, and Polygon making it easy for traders to acquire regardless of their portfolio preferences. This DeFi project has a low supply of only 500,000,000 tokens available, giving it massive potential for both fast, short-term growth and long term 100x or higher potential (DYOR). While the growth of the coin alone has investors excited over its incredible potential, the HOMERUN TOKEN also provides guaranteed passive income opportunities for those who continue to hold and stake the token. These features are designed to reward investors focused on a long term strategy through the following means: 6% reflections redistributed to holders: 6% of every purchase of HOMERUN TOKEN will be distributed to three pools to provide passive income to investors and promote growth of the coin and the real estate holdings that will drive staking APY. 4% of each purchase will go into the Real Estate Fund, used to purchase both physical and Metaverse properties. The proceeds from these properties will be shared with members of the community that choose to stake their tokens. Additionally, 2% will be paid as a BNB reward to all holders, regardless if they choose to stake their investment or not.

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February 12, 2022