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Hero Project HERO-X

What is HERO-X? The Platform created to connect real world HEROES and reward those that support them! HERO-X SOCIAL: Customizable home page allowing users to share photos, stories, NFTs, blog posts, and network. Influential status must be earned through merit on the HERO platform through HERO pool wins, nominations, community outreach and charitable acts, or business owners developing products and services that promote the greater good. HERO-X POOL: HERO-X pool entries consist of real world stories of heroism, philanthropy, good deeds, acts of selflessness, and charity. Entries for the HERO pool are on a nomination basis by yourself or another user and must meet criteria. All users are rewarded for voting and interacting with the HERO pool. HERO-X MARKETPLACE: Buy and sell goods, NFTs, and purchase from participating businesses. HERO-X SWAP: Swap select tokens for HERO-X to be used on the platform. HERO-X LIVE MUSIC EVENTS/CHARITY Live music events and giving back to those in need.

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September 11, 2021


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