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Hashtag Token HTC

Friendship, transparency, and security. We are engaged to full lucidity, in the way we run our business. Ensuring we build value, transparency, that provides a bright future for our company and investors. 💣Hashtag Token💣 is new generation decentralized lottery system, absolutely transparent. One lucky winner every week. Each BUY/SELL transaction collects a BNB fee directly at the SMART CONTRACT. Each week, a winner is chosen from among the token holders at random from the SMART CONTRACT.This ensures that the lottery will be absolutely fair and no one has access to the funds accumulated, only the winner. To participate in the lottery you just need to have 10,000 or more HTC tokens (around 0.25$). 🏆The winner is selected automatically at random every 804,800 seconds (7 days).

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$ 562,207


April 17, 2022


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