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Gypsy Coin Pro GYPSYPRO

Gypsycoin Pro: 💎($GYPSYPRO) is a high utility coin founded by the 👑KING OF GYPSIES -Daniel Cioaba for the gypsy community worldwide. 🔐ALL TOKENS AND LIQUIDITY ARE LOCKED on PINKSALE 🚀Launching officially on December 10th on PancakeSwap. 💵HOLD GYPSYPRO AND EARN BUSD. 2% of every transaction will be redistributed and PAID IN BUSD. So, the more GYPSYPRO you hold, the more BUSD you’ll earn! Rewards are automatically distributed every hour or longer if the trade volume is not sufficient. 🥇Gypsycoin Pro has multiple projects, such as: - GypsyPro wallet - Play to earn games - NFT collections - GypsyPro blockchain

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December 11, 2021

Ahmed Fadhil

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