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Golden Parachute PARA

This is the perfect hedge. But it does not only act as a hedging instrument against market downturns, it also especially shines in bull markets. We want to introduce you to our own patentable invention, a totally new concept in finance, something that we call the "absolute Beta approach" We interpret the absolute Beta approach in a way that the price of the token positively correlates with the market in bull markets, however, at the same time negatively correlates with the market in bear markets. To simplify; In Bull markets you profit, in bear markets you have a high profit potential as well. The tokenomics, which are highly deflationary, reward people for long-term holding. What does that imply for you? You do not need to worry about the balancing of long/short positions (e.g. call / put options), you have the advantages of both features combined in one single instrument. Due to the taxation mechanism, high volume is your portfolio’s new best friend.

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June 4, 2021


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