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Glorium GLORI

GLORIUM uses an Auto-staking technology which earns our investors 1% daily rewards passively as long as they hold the $GLORI Token. These rewards from the daily rebase are auto compound and provide you with a whopping 3746% APY. Staking your tokens won't lock them, Giving you the freedom to buy and sell as you wish. How does GLORIUM’s Auto-staking work? By simply purchasing $GLORI and holding the token in your wallet, you can earn rebase rewards deposited directly into your wallet. Every 30 minutes, your tokens will increase with a 1/48 portion of the daily rebase incentives. The total daily reward is worth 1% of the entire amount of $GLORI token held in your wallet. GLORIUM’s positive rebase is supported by an RFF that is guaranteed and supported by the token's buy and sell fees. What exactly is an RFF? RFF stands for Risk-Free Fund, which is a separate wallet in GLORIUM’s system.RFF collects funds in order to support and stabilize the Liquidity pool. GLORIUM Token GLORIUM smart contract: 0x7B41Aa471a1E2e239F62D9e7Eaf824e3fFf25Ce5 GLORIUM Buy and Sell Fees 15% BUY-TAX & 20% SELL-TAX Trading fees are used to maintain the price, making GLORIUM glorious, and support the staking incentives that are generated by the daily rebase. Utility of $GLORI Trading Fees 5% (of trading fees) AUTO-LIQUIDITY. 5% (of trading fees) RISK FREE FUND. 5% (of purchases fees) & 10% (of sales) TREASURY. Pre-sale allocations 50% 20% 15% 10% 5% LIQUIDITY MARKETING DEVELOPMENT TEAM TREASURY The Team gets a one-time payment of 10% of the Pre-Sale income and 5 Million $GLORI. Public Sale After the Pre-Sale, there will be 70.000.000 $GLORI on the open market (PanCakeSwap). We do not intend to mint any more GLORIUM. All $GLORI will be minted by the rebase rewards, increasing circulatin




May 10, 2022


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