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GameSwapNetwork (GSN) is a special ecosystem for gamers and traders. It is powered by Defi and NFTs to make trading in-game items become easier. With GSN, you can trade cryptocurrency in a different way. Traders can bet on themselves and compete against each other in multiple trading contests, which will create excitement in a game and promote the scarcity of game items. Remember that this May we will host an ICO on PancakeSwap and this is an important milestone not only for us but also for our community. Token Rewards We also have event rewards for those who only hold our tokens as gifts. The more GSN Tokens you own, the more rewards you get. Everything is described clearly on our website. 🎁 GSN and Friends 🎁 🎁 Total Reward Value $10,000 🎁 ️🎯 Content: Anyone can participate. Minimum 20s video about GameSwapNetwork (GSN). Video content can be congratulation, meme, funny and must mention GSN. If you can't speak English, you can make a funny video (2D, 3D... anything) and contain the GSN Logo. ️🎉 $1500 for 3 people with the best video quality, community interaction (scoring method: View x1 + Like x2 + Comment x3 = Result) ️🎉 $800 for 3 people with good content and viral effects ️🎉 $60 for the 50 fastest people to send us a video. Just send you will get reward. ⏱Start time: May 29 ⏱End time: June 23 Example: Self-recorded video: 2D rendering: 📌 All videos we receive will be uploaded to GSN Official Youtube Channel

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May 22, 2021

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