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💫Stop wasting your time into shit coins that offer fake tokenomics and join us in Galaxy Potion and let's get rich together in our HyperInflationary coin! Our goal is to get known in BSC for being the safest and fastest growing coin. Galaxy Potion offers less Tax and a percentage of our transactions moves into our Liquidity Pool! This mechanism prevents bots and Traders alike! 💫Unique moon protocol: Hyper-Inflationary Coin 10,000 non-minted coins (limited) 💫Our goal is set to overtake all the shitcoins in BSC, we plan on becoming one of high valued projects in BSCverse which can be achieved by HyperInflation. Galaxy Potion will have a Total Supply of 10,000 coins and will can never be minted. Join our community and watch your investments Grow!




June 17, 2021

Galaxy Potion

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