Coins: 26,330
Votes: 149,146,281
Market Cap: $99,408,901,899,868
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
Trending Winner 2 Baby Doge Coin


GEMDOGE - We are the GEM Doge. A bunch of enthusiasts and fun people creating the next moonshot in a fun way! We are the token for the people. GEMDOGE was made to stand out from other tokens, we are the ones who will show, that Token can be listed in top 100 CoinmarketCap tokens within a short period of time. We are a team of professional developers and we aim to build our own GEMNANCE ( Binance Competitor ). GEMDOGE VISA Cards, DOGEAPPS, Games, Exchanges and many more. GEMDOGE Wallet - Send safe and easy our token from our wallet and enjoy instant and low fee payments! GEMDOGE - Diamond Hand Project! Join Hottest Token Launch of 2021.




July 19, 2021


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