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Freya FDC

Among the main problems are: imaginary anonymity, complexity of use, lack of multifunctionality and ready-made solutions for business — all this will be solved by Freya , which includes: — FreyaVPN ( service for safe and anonymous Internet access from anywhere in the world; — FSN service — managed backend for blockchain development projects; — FreyaDNS service that increases the anonymity of the connection by encrypting DNS requests; — Freya Blockchain is a phantom multi blockchain on which all ecosystem services will operate; — Freya wallet. A non-custodial wallet that allows you to safely store tokens and coins running on different blockchains; — Freya messenger. Anonymous messenger running on its own blockchain; — FreyaOS open source code; — DEX exchange and decentralized anonymous bridge between blockchains; — Freya Universal App — is a secret masterpiece. All these services will be united by Freya Digital Currency, a native digital asset of the Freya Family ecosystem with a maximum allowable emission of 1 000 000 000 Freya. Only 25 million Freya were allocated for sale (2.5% of the total emission) with the help of earning 20% on the referral. 97.5% of the emission will be mined as a native coin on the Freya Blockchain network and issued on other blockchains with decentralized liquidity pools. Lightpaper En —

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November 6, 2021


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