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Forex Token FRT

🌟 WELCOME TO FOREX TOKEN🌟 🔴ABOUT US🟢 ForexToken is run by 6 highly professional traders . This platform is a joint effort of elite team traders aiming to assist the less fortunate traders to go shoulder to shoulder with the world renowned traders on scale of smartness and successful outcome. CREATING A SOLID BOND BETWEEN CRYPTO CURRENCY AND FOREX TRADE. One of the collosal problem faced by forex traders nowadays is how to get connected to reliable signals providers, forex academics and brokers. We at ForexToken, we understand this and are ready to proffer solution by partnering with trusted signal providers, forex academic and the future with reliable brokers. Contract address: to be released soon Pre-sale: 25-07-2021 Token Information Token: Forex Token Ticker: FRT Supply:2B




August 5, 2021

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