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Fat Wedge FW

Small TX big gains! 💪🏻 Chuck a small amount into Fat Wedge and watch it grow with minimum risk!!! 8% reflection, 2% to holders Tired of rugpulls and scams and other shitcoins that are pump and dump coins? Then join Fat Wedge, made by a renowned person within the crypto community unlike other random shitcoin ass pull memecoins, if nothing else this coin will slowly spread by worth of mouth case people know the dev. Its a community token so dyor and invest at your own risk but a lot of moonarch people are in here. Dev owns 9% wallet but he's to well known to dump, he is also the Dev of BeanStalk, wallet will be used to airdrop people who contribute to the community as well as for CG fast tracking (txid provided) and he will hold the rest. Lp locked for one month rolling. DX LOCK -

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June 22, 2021


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