Coins: 29,629
Votes: 175,115,112
Market Cap: $99,009,370,148,277
Yesterday Winner 2 Multi AI
Trending Winner 2 RavenX

Falling Star token FS

FallingStar is an brilliant and very long term idea that we had. We intend to not be a small value token, and be forgotten in a few days! Our expectations are getting bigger and bigger every day, as you guys giving us your positive feedback and kindness! We are putting our 101% effort every moment, trying to find the best moves from our project. We have identified the security gap for investors in the token market, so we will create the first token platform that will need to identify the developers. Due to this, the problem with fraud will cease to exist. There will be no reason for a genuine project, to not want to be registered on our platform.

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$ 13,172


April 30, 2021


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