Coins: 25,775
Votes: 138,888,693
Market Cap: $99,396,593,879,518 0.00%
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Falcon9 FC9 FC9

Falcon9 is a community-driven meme project. It intends to provide an asset for the community that is stable in price during the bear market and steadily rising when not. There are a few proposed mechanisms that allow the project to function as such: maximum transaction amount limited to 1% and 7% LP acquisition per tx. This delays any possible whales from dumping too hard while gathering some of that for liquidity provision, hence stabilizing price by decreasing selling intensity. Because of these mechanisms, it can truly be called a community token as it intends to provide a sense of stability to its community. Furthermore, there is an additional 3% transaction fee that provides the community with incentivization that motivates them to hold the token, which aids in providing a sense of security. To add to this, we plan to acquire an audit in the near future.

$ 0.0000000000000642004

$ 64


April 21, 2021


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Unlocked liquidity 100%

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