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WE ARE THE FIRST DEFI CHARITY TOKEN THAT PROVIDES CRYPTO HELP TO CAUSES WHICH ONG'S CAN'T COLLABORATE. Our mission is to recreate modern community driven by centralised and decentralised digital platform in a devolved manner. Our mission is to convert impossible into possible by using new tools provided by the crypto defi technology. By buying our token we aim to change the reality of women, children and all people who need help and governments are not providing them funds. Thanks to our tokenomics what you give, you receive as a redistribution for the contribution of each holder. We are a sustainable and decentralized project that distributes wealth where it needs to be. With our token, you receive in the same proportion what you have given. Moreover, you can become rich by, at the same time, benefiting all the people who are currently not receiving help from politicians and ONG'S in a context of an increasingly complicated world. Live $ Pray, Dream with $ Pray. Everything can be reality

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August 23, 2021


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