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F*CK Floki is a fun “Anti-Meme” charity token based on the SafeMoon liquidity and reflection protocols, which provides passive income, liquidity growth, and a 2% transactional tax that goes to animal welfare organizations. FCKFLOKI runs on the Binance Smart Chain and has the following features: 1) 5% Auto-liquidity 2) 5% Reflection to Token Holders 3) 2% Transaction Tax to a charity wallet 4) 420,000,000,069 FCKFLOKI Tokens in Circulation 5) A humorous “Big Black Paper” as opposed to a “white paper” This project was started by an anonymous UX Designer with the goal of generating a sarcastically amusing decentralized token to fight the false, imitation FLOKI token versions that offer no altruistic advantages. All the while, 100% of the Developer Tax is donated to animal welfare organizations like the ASPCA. FCKFLOKI features a fun, yet informative “Big Black Paper” and “Noob Guide” available on the official website ( The token’s primary goal is to provide investors with a laugh and peace of mind at a time when many crypto assets are experiencing “rug pulls” without delivering passive income or liquidity.

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November 28, 2021

F*CK Floki

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