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Excalibur EXC

Excalibur is a highly flexible and ecosystem-oriented AMM providing fee mining, swap referrals and customizable fees. It aims for long-term efficiency and sustainability through advanced shareholding mechanisms, time vault staking & project-owned liquidity. Swap fees We totally rethought our AMM swap fees allocation, to provide better and more adapted rewards to every actor of the ecosystem. It will result into a fairer and more sustainable protocol, which will guarantee its worth and efficiency on the long run. Referral system A unique referral system for our partners in order to expand the use of our DEX and bring birth to a new ecosystem. Each project acting as a referrer and making its user swap on our DEX will automatically receive a share of those referred trading fees. Transaction fee mining Excalibur returns the transaction fees to the users in the form of its native token, EXC. Each time you make a swap and pay a trading fee, up to 100% of it will be immediately claimable. Time vault staking To incentivize long-term staking, we created a mechanism enabling users to lock every deposit they make for up to 30 days. The longer you lock your LPs, the more bonus rewards you'll earn. Multiple simultaneous locks with different durations can also be set, allowing you to setup appropriate strategies. $GRAIL shareholding Our second-layer token $GRAIL will act as shares of the DEX and will mainly be obtainable through yield farming on EXC (native) pairs. Simply holding $GRAIL into your wallet will pay you continuous daily dividends from the platform collected fees. Fees allocation Most of the collected fees will be redistributed through our dividends system, or be stored as project-owned liquidity governed by a DAO.

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March 11, 2022