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Evil Doge EVL

Make history by participating in the first lunar mission crowdfunded by crypto. To fund its plan, EvilDogeCorp will launch its own fair-launched community Token named Evil Doge (EVL). EvilDogeCorp will retain ownership of 50% of the total supply of EVL tokens, these funds will initially be locked. In five stages, the funds will gradually become available to EvilDogeCorp to transfer into BUSD at first and then FIAT currency. These token sales will be made in a slow, continuous manner to generate only mild and stable rates of inflation. All transactions will be completely transparent and accounted for online in a simple manner. These funds will be spent on creating a non-profit space exploration company named EvilDogeCorp. Our ultimate aim is for the price of one EVL to reach one USD American Dollar. This would provide enough funds to create a base on the surface of the moon.

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May 13, 2021


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