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EverRecover ROVER

EverChain- presents EverRecover [ROVER] Why is it changing the Pump-Industry forever? Normally you follow Pump-Tokens for fast (risky) profits, or invest in stocks for a safe +2%. The problem starts when your fast profits fail and your stocks can’t passively support your needs. Now imagine a world where your fast profits automatically also benefit your long-term holdings. That’s possible now with EverRecover! The Team of EverChain will launch high-risk/high-reward daily Pump-Tokens, in combination with weekly and monthly special releases. These will directly support EverRecover and the Everchain by reinvesting in [ROVER]s buybacks and funding marketing for the EverChain. Meaning: If you support one of the new Pump-Tokens, your investment in EverRecover will also rise! This makes it possible for you to still get the full thrill on your gamble, while the long investment on EverRecover and the Everchain grows. Best strategy: Hold it long (this is a serious project with a business plan for the next 3 years) and reinvest on the dips between the different launches with quick profits from the Pump-Tokens. Just don’t sell your [ROVER] it will automatically rise through the buyback if you don’t 😊 Checkout the Chain-page too!:

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June 28, 2021


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