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EtherscanDAO ESD

The core philosophy of ESD believes that projects can be done fairer, more sustainably, and in a way that can benefit everyone involved. No large corporation or company is looking to extract personal data from the users for advertising or to maximize profits for yearly reports. ESD simply wants people to have fun, interact with each other freely, have access to opportunities that lead to financial freedom, and work towards the next stage in the evolution of the internet and online interaction. We have seen poor outcomes when projects are developed in greedy, unsustainable, or deceptive ways. We want to create something that rises above all these methods. ESD will be empowering, transparent, fun, healthy, and fair. ESD believes strongly in decentralization, holding this value at the core of everything it does. Decentralization gives everyone equal opportunity to be involved and utilize their str. Solution to VitalikButerin! Everyone Should Benefit from the Ethereum Blockchain Growth.




January 8, 2022


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