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Escort Coin ESCORT

Join the revolution with Escort Coin. This new bsc token project wants to join together adult entertainment industry and crypto world in one big community. It's main purpose is willing to be a form of payment for escort services and legalize this kind of job in more Countries, just like it is now in Holland, Germany and Austria. The priority will be to open people's minds on this kind of job by using a form of payment which is not FIAT currency (since in most countries is illegal to pay escorts), but using this token everything will be possible. A more controlled envirorment will not only be safe for the girls and boys offering their service, but also safer for the customer. The project wants to involve people from all kind of Countries and create an own platform that is easy to use, with privacy ensurance and fun of course. One platform for the entire industry, for the entire world, for the people. Tokenomics: 2% Redistribution 8% AutoLiquidity 2% Manual weekly burns


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September 12, 2021