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Equinox EQX

Equinox Business is a Blockchain powered web based platform for business enterprises to implement business applications and system protocols. The platform besides synergizing strategic functions would also help the organizations to implement deployable smart contracts in consensual operations. How EQX token is been developed ? EQX is developed on Binance Smart Chain and is fully complaint of BEP-20 Standard What is the symbol ? EQX is the official symbol of the token What is the contract address of EQX ? 0xe1dba43428cc6ab2672061ee3385af09f1c85781 Is the token contract address verified ? Yes. Token contract address is verified on with all the details duly published. How can all the transactions be viewed ? All the transactions related to EQX can be viewed under transactions menu through the link: What are the primary use cases ? EQX is a Utility token for enterprises to use the platform, launch projects, incentivize teams and to distribute dividends to their investors. What is the total supply ? 100000000 (100 million) Is there allotment for teams and marketing ? Yes. 10% is for team rewards and 5% if for marketing. However teams can only claim tokens in a staged manner on reaching the project milestones. How much is there for buyers participating in Pre Sale and ICO when launched ? 5% (5000000) at Pre Sale and 15% (15000000) of the total supply When will the Pre Sale and ICO be launched ? It will be disclosed only when ICO goes live How to know when ICO goes live ? Join official telegram channel (@equinoxforbusiness) or subscribe through to keep track of announcements & activities.

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June 19, 2021


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