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Electric Vehicle Direct Current EVDC

🔋 EVDC is a deflationary token which will be used as ev charging currency. Telegram group : t.me/evdctokenquestionschat ✅App test flight is available on iOS & Android ✅Liquidity Locked - 20 years ✅Audit passed twice by solidity.finance 📲Official mobile app launch 09/01 🔋Token Metrics 1. Deflationary and Decentralized. 2. In App Purchases: Once Token is used to charge an EV. Token is burned.🔥 4. Support Wallet for Adjustments: Less than 1% 5. Ticker Symbol: EVDC 6. Token Type: BEP20/ERC20 7. Burn Rate: 0.5% of Transaction Volume per 168 Hours.🔥🔥 8. Rewards on transactions post App launch: 1.2% Once the app is released, all user will exchange tokens to charge their EV on the networks. Whitepaper: evdc.network/white-paper t.me/evdctokenquestionschat

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April 30, 2021