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Ekta Token EKTA

One of the world’s first projects that is bridging the digital and physical — property-based NFTs and fractional access. With a strong team and developers we are ready to be the change we want in the world! By being a part of Ekta and collecting NFTs from our marketplace you can access fractions of real estate connected to the NFT, and even be able to make use of it. $EKTA lets you hold and be rewarded 431% APY thanks to our Automated Staking Reward System. What 431% APY means for you: Stake 100 $EKTA = $180.95 at our IDO = 531 $ETKA in 1 year (use animation here) If $EKTA = same price in 1 year 531 $EKTA = $960.80 / 431% APY (use animation here) If $EKTA = $10 in 1 year $EKTA = $5,312.68 / 2936% APY Here's how it works: IDO releases 15% of $EKTA's total supply (use animation here) Remaining 85% are released as staking rewards over time (use animation here) Get in early as APY decreases over time It literally pays to stake and hold $EKTA




August 20, 2021


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