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EggChain EGGC

EggChain is The First Evolutive DeFi where you can farm NFTs. EggChain is planed to be a didactic platform game in #BSC. The Project is a Pokemon like crypto game focused on teaching new people all about the blockchain including how DeFi Tokens work and what NFT’s are all about. $EGGC is EggChains native token and can be used to hatch Crypto Chickens. Yes! You heard me Eggc token can be staked to hatch and collect Chickens from the blockchain. Simply you can incubate Eggs to hatch different coloured Chicken tokens, then you can evolve those chickens into more powerful ones like Fire Chicken’s or Leaf Chicken. You can then use your Chickens to Race/Battle/Play in the Chicken Casino. In the future there will be more use cases.

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April 29, 2021


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