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Earth Token EARTH

EarthDeFi is a deflationary polygon network token aimed at purchasing carbon credit tax, reforestation, creating awareness on the dangers of single-use plastics on our ocean and environment as well as donations to organizations enabled to preserve our ecosystem. Global warming, a major factor of climate change has been on the increase in recent years and as result depleting our ecosystem and our atmosphere in particular. There is a constant need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as cholofluorocarbons. Moreover, not only our atmosphere had been affected but also other elements which makes our ecosystem function properly and effectively; Deforestation, overfishing, unabated plastic deposition and many more. EarthDeFi has a limited supply of five million tokens with an amazing tokenomics dependent on 10% transaction fee generated from every transaction. CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x2dca469340db4c64da56d15ac1bd32581fc18e92 NETWORK: POLYGON TOKENOMICS Total supply: 5,000,000 Transaction fee: 10% DISTRIBUTION Profit by staking: 20% of every transaction fee Carbon credits: 10% of every transaction fee Marketing: 2% of every transaction fee Burned: 1% of every transaction fee Airdrops, donations, giveaways: 67% of every transaction fee LINKS Buy here: Telegram: Twitter: Polygonscan: Website: Charts:

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July 17, 2021