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EarnDoge EDOGE

Earn Doge in rewards by HODLing eDOGE, you will be able to claim any time you want. The success of Dogecoin and tokens that passively gain yield makes this the perfect combination. You will earn Dogecoin (PEG) on Binance Smart Chain. Anti-Whale: Max wallet 1% Anti-dump: Max Sell 0.05% of Supply Anti-Bot: Sell once every 30 minutes Initially there will be a 30% tax on all purchases of EDOGE. This is to stop early adopters from dumping, requiring them to hold for a longer amount of time to generate passive income in the form of Dogecoin. Later, this tax will be lowered as the liquidity pool becomes stable enough to transact larger amounts without creating huge dips or price impacts. Tokenomics: 30% Buy and Transfer 20% Sell (70% for Liquidity, 20% for Staking and 10% to Burn) After Liquidity is built up Tokenomics will be locked at the following values: Tokenomics: 10% Tax Total (60% Liquidity, 30% Staking, 10% Burn)

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June 13, 2021


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