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Epsilon is one platform with many DeFi innovations & features Like Upgradable smart contract, Governance, True Anti-Whale, Anti PumpNDump, Buyback , Strong Eco-System and a lot other. All This together gives you enormous returns with security on investments. Epsilon has raised the bar of the standards of DeFi tokenomics & features with its innovative Upgradability, Governance, Business Level Strong ECO-System, True Anti-Whale, Anti PumpNDump and Buyback & Burn features & Innovations. Innovations by EPSILON At EPSILON we have done some innovations using our cutting edge technology. which will revolutionize the blockchain industry forever. UPGRADABILITY : Upgradable Smart Contract (1st of its Kind) ECO SYSTEM: Business Level ECO-System DualMode BUYBACK & BURN: Auto & manual (Governance Controlled) Auto LP Lock: Auto Liqudity Lock Protocol ANTI Pump-N-Dump GOVERNANCE: Innovative Governance Feature & Functions (Governance Controlled & managed) *Governance is the Community / Holders. Launched on both (Binance & Ethereum Networks) Epsilon Coin Contract is securely designed to collect 17% in fees from all Buy & Sell Transactions and are distributed in BNB as follows: 8% for Buyback & Burn to keep the price afloat. (THE BEAST) 4% for project sustainability, enhancements, operations & marketing (ECOSYSTEM) 2% for team considering a full time working & increasing the size of it with the projects (OPERATIONS) 2% goes back to Liquidity Pool. 1% HODL Rewards to Holder. The EPSILON buyback & Burn, also known as "The Beast" is funded by the buyback fee on every Buy & Sell. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB & securely locked and stored in the EPSILON's contract. We call that as "The beast's Cave". Visit for more info!!

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November 20, 2021

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