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Dynamis Finance DYNA

A comprehensive revolutionary DeFI platform running on Polygon which has been built on power, potential and ability. These principles emphasize our vision for Dynamis Finance – a place that enables users to achieve financial freedom by exploring the full potential of decentralized finance. In more concrete terms, our objective is to create a platform that is accessible to users with different possibilities and has features that can meet different needs and investment strategies. Token Features At launch, the Dynamis platform will include several features that are meant to address different user capabilities and needs, including: • Inflation and Devaluation Prevention: Several features are implemented to ensure DYNA value can only go up, including automatic burning, anti-whale deterrent, and supply limitations • Auto Compounding: When LP tokens are staked into our vaults, the smart contract deposits them into the underlying farms (e.g. PolyCat, PolyGaj, ApeSwap, Sushiswap) for rewards, and it will then automatically harvest and compound into more LP tokens for our users • Dymond Perks: This function ensures that holders of the DYNA token are continuously rewarded and benefit in various ways as the platform continues to evolve. For example, an investor who purchased DYNA and merely kept it in his wallet will begin to notice an increase in the token value. As the amount of DYNA in circulation (supply) goes down and the Dynamis platform utility increases it will create a demand which directly correlates to the appreciation of the DYNA token. So even by holding the token, it will constantly increase in value • Yield Farming (Short Term and Long Term): Different approaches to farming will accommodate investors looking to receive rewards on a short-term basis, a long-term bas




September 9, 2021

Dynamis Finance