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DoodleCoin Doodle

$DoodleCoin Most Happy and Fun Coin Community on BSC network. With Experienced Developer and Marketing Expert $DoodleCoin will be the new future of Crypto Currency. Preparing for a Coin launch, but that's not enough WE PREPARED OUR OWN WALLET!! Certain usecase of $DoodleCoin ''DOOWALLET'' prepared and ready to release for IOS & Android. DooWallet release will enable our community to stake BNB, BUSD, USDT to earn more $DoodleCoin. ❔ WHAT IS DOOWALLET ❔ DooWallet is build by the Doodle Team to give that extra sparkle on your DoodleCoin investment. With our standalone application our community will be able to Stake BNB , BUSD , USDT to earn more Doodle. That's right your heard it right ! Stake your Coins to earn more Coins ! On every transaction there is a 10% Fee automaticly returned to the DooWallet to cover all the staking rewards.



June 14, 2021