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WHAT IS DOGEPLAY ? The society today is plagued with high level of insecurity and homelessness. In most part of the world, many children as a result of homelessness are forced to the streets to practice various kinds of social vises (which includes but not limited to drugs use and sale, shop lifting and so on). These practices in turn leave a mark in the society. While most tokens are created to help cats and dogs off the street by providing them shelter, doge play is a token born as a result of the necessity to help homeless children and those in orphanages around the world, by taking them off the streets and providing them with decent homes to keep them away from vises that will in turn have a negative effect on them and the society. We believe we should care for one another before thinking about caring for animals. We believe every child deserves a home, every child deserves a voice, they are not just our options they are our future and the way we bring them up determines what kind of future we are going to have. So join us and be a part of those that made a real difference in people’s life.

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June 8, 2021

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