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🐶Doge USD Back - the token yielding rewards in almost real USD!💸 Doge USD Back is token which rewards you for holding. You earn not just meme coin or shitcoin, but BUSD which is an equivalent to real USD. You just hold and get. The more you hold, the more you get. Come in and don't miss ability to get new big coin! It's innovative, as it doesn't pay in memecoins. It pays you almost real USD as BUSD is equivalent of USD. Tokenomics 📊 ✅97% PancakeSwap liquidity allocation 97% 🔒0.01% DX Sale presale fee 📈3% for marketing 🤩10% of each transaction is used to pay out BUDS to holders. ⚖️5% is used for buy back system and marketing fund (mostly for buy back system, marketing fund is used only in very extreme situations).

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July 27, 2021


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