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Doge Phelps DPHELPS

DOGE PHELPS is the pet dog of the incredible and greatest swimmer in the history of the planet Michael Phelps. Like its owner, DOGEPHELPS is talented and ready to swim to the moon using only backstroke mode. Doge Phelps is the most prepared token to compete in the big cryptomarket, as well as its owner it will break the world record of achievements within the BSC 📊 Doge Phelps Tokenomics ✅ Dynamic Liquidity -> 3% (if liquidity exceeds 25% of the Mcap, this fee will feed the buyback wallet) 🏊‍♂️ Buyback (Poolback X) -> 4% 💰 BUSD REWARD! (AUTOCLAIM) -> 5% 📣 Marketing -> 2% 🔰 After each buyback, transaction fees FOR SELLS are doubled for 30 minutes, descending to the original rate on every minute. ❕DogePhelps is here to fight against Elon’s dogs and his manipulation. Its community will make Phelps being proud of his Doge.




January 20, 1970


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