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Dividend Cartel DC

What is Dividend Cartel ? Welcome to the Dividend Cartel, where Garlicoin goes DeFi and holders receive a passive revenue stream in Garlicoin! 10% Garlic Rewards, 5% Lp, 5% Marketing Not listed on CG of CMC yet! New Logo! Everyone knows the crypto market is a highly volatile market, so why not make a way to profit off volatility? There is tremendous benefit to holding Dividend Cartel. 10% of every buy and sell order processed on Dividend Cartel will reward all holders in Garlicoin Token. The amount of Garlicoin Tokens (BSC version Wrapped- Garlicoin [WGRLC]) each investor receives is determined by the percentage of the circulating supply owned by each user. The 10% rewards are evenly distributed over the all holders dependent on the amount of supply owned (if you own 1% of the supply then you would receive 0.1% of all buy and sell orders on Dividend Cartel). The goal of Dividend Cartel is to create passive income in a stable but highly undervalued asset (Garlicoin) that has been deemed to have parabolic potential that will turn your dividends into a small fortune. Taxes also create an incentive for our investors to hold Dividend Cartel instead of taking profits at lower percentages. This pushes market prices up and gives investors higher capital gains. Liquidity is the heart and soul of defi, especially with huge projects mooning so hard they have a tendency to under-project how much Liquidity a project needs for long term stable growth. This is important for the tokens long term growth and even more essential for all investors. By having liquidity ratios (Liquidity to Marketcap percentages) above average it creates a safe way for investors to take profits, we have a 5% Liquidity Pool tax (LP) as well as a 5% marketing tax.

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April 17, 2022


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