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DefyDefi DEFY

DefyDefi will be the first ever to combine: ✅Auto-yield token for NFT fund raising ✅Cross-chain NFT acquisition ✅NFT startup and incubation program ✅Tokenized collective ownership of NFT royalties DefyDefi is a next gen auto-yield smart contract that is designed to serve real-world use case. Our vision is to have the market cap associated with its NFT treasury, royalties and global NFT partnerships. We envision that our NFT assets and partnerships have long-term value than creating another technology focused token in the market. Long-term sustainability of the project is to generate income rather than just relying on token price speculation. We are the first to use auto-yield smart contract for a real-world income generating project. 2% 🔁REDISTRIBUTION- Deducted from every transaction and redistributed to token holders. 2% 🔥LIQUIDITY- Added to liquidity to lessen volatility and to keep the price floor increasing. 4% 🖼️NFT Treasury- Goes to a community audited address for NFT funding.

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April 28, 2021


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