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DeFinity DEFX

Decentralised FX: the future of traditional and digital asset trading. Your one-stop-shop to trade stable coins, digital currencies, and wrapped traditional FX. DeFinity is a decentralised DeFi exchange, specialised to trade traditional and digital FX via smart contracts, with a focus to provide real-time settlement and clearing for spot FX trading. Bridging the power of decentralisation with a traditional broker and liquidity provider community, it is specifically tailored and geared towards the future support of CBDC’s (central bank digital currencies) and decentralised financial services for FX. DeFinity is a joint project between DMALINK, a foreign currency trading and liquidity platform, and WeOwn, a layer 1 and layer 2 technology company with a focus on financial assets and digital blockchain services. Both companies bring combined client and market reach to deliver one of the most exciting secondary markets for FX trading in the form of DeFinity.




May 26, 2021


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