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SafeMoon, but 5% reflection fees go to one random lucky winner at a time, rather than being evenly distributed. Buying DangerMoon enters you into the reflection system, recent payouts were as high as $13,000 and will grow with trading volume. DangerMoon integrates with Chainlink VRF for provably fair payouts. DangerMoon is the first verifiably fair, randomized reflection distribution protocol – rather than getting everyone to the moon safely, it leaves your arrival to the moon up to the Chainlink oracles. Learn how to play on our website. Additionally, anyone can donate DangerMoon to the burn address to grant it an entry into the reflection system. This increases the odds of DangerMoon tokens being burnt, which in turn will benefit all holders. The burn address starts with 0 entries in the reflection system, so the burn rate is left up to the community to decide.

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July 15, 2021


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