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Dalecoin Finance DFINE

Dalecoin Finance is a decentralized finance ecosystem that connects different DeFi products and services within a platform on Binance Smart Chain. We are convinced that features of DeFi should be available to all and sundry without a complicated interface, high fee transaction cost, and centralized governance of existing DeFi platforms. As a result of the current problems that many DeFi platforms are facing, we have built a solution with incredible features we believe will increase the chances of equal wealth distribution to all users and community members. Furthermore, we advocate for open governance which is at the core of the blockchain. This is why Dgovn token holders will have the absolute right to decide the future of Dalecoin Finance path. And Dfine will serve as the utility token which will fuel all day-to-day transactions on the ecosystem.

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May 4, 2021

Stephen cole

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