Coins: 26,820
Votes: 157,490,804
Market Cap: $40,100,419,625,525,712
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
Trending Winner 2 Baby Doge Coin


POMERANIAN DOG decided to invest his money in the cryptocurrency world but ended up getting rugged and losing all his savings by following the #HODL clownology for shitcoins which has an APR of -99%.... After attending Harvard for 8 years, POMPOM decided to create his own elastic coin…. which… only… GOES UP. So does your investment! There will be NO presale, NO privatesale, NO whitelist, NO team allocation. Only 50% Burn and remaining 50% goes to LP Tax functions: 13% Tax 6% to marketing in the form of BNB 3% to BUSD rewards to holders 2% for buyback 1% for liquidity pool 1% for team in the form of BNB

$ 0.0000000000320155

$ -10,537


October 9, 2021


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