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Votes: 156,692,229
Market Cap: $6,658,809,791,389,424 -83.39%
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DOGEPEPSI project has been conceived and developed by a group of highly motivated people driven by a strong passion and knowledge of the crypto world. As part of the staff is American, the project intends to merge the significant meaning of “Pepsi”, as a drink and global icon for people of all ages, and that of “Doge”, as a symbol of top-level token. Our aim is to achieve unprecedented and extraordinary results that no token has ever been able to achieve, come on board and be part of the journey with us! We introduce Autoboost Concept, AUTOBOOST is a unique function that has been projected and included in our contract as an additional item. Some people might be familiar with buy back tokens, but ours is not just as the others buy back tokens you will find on the market.

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$ 70,248


August 29, 2021