Coins: 28,936
Votes: 172,058,319
Market Cap: $99,011,925,705,070
Yesterday Winner 2 Hacienda
Trending Winner 2 RavenX


DARK DOGE aims to go above and beyond for its community, by providing investors and degenerates alike with ample opportunities to ape safely into the most current and HOTTEST project launches on the Binance Smart Chain, all while perma-pumping .DARK DOGE understands that things are looking bad and gloomy right now in the BSC space , that is why we have adopted a unique and consistant marketing plan that will surely unleash the full potential of this token .Our vision for the DARK DOGE is to create a safe, fun, self-sustaining decentralized finance token for everyone to enjoy. We fundamentally believe that the golden chance is finally here to stay and as a business, we want to be on the forefront of two things, innovation and trust.




July 29, 2021


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