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DMZ is a different kind of digital currency for a different kind of person. DMZ is a cryptocurrency token for people who want to live in a worldwide DeMilitarized Zone. Total Supply: 11000000 ​Decimal Amount: 18 ​​Blockchain: Ethereum 2021 Sale: 3000000 3 tokens to referrer & referred We will establish DMZ World Fund to fund NGOs that help to preserve Earths resources, support victims of war and terrorism and to foster world federation and cooperation to create a worldwide DeMilitarized Zone. Annual donations will be made to national and international NGOs that share our goals. DMZ apparel is available for the investors and hodlers of DMZ tokens. It includes the following styles: Womens T-Shirts, Mens T-Shirts, Womens Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirts, Fitted Cotton/Poly T-Shirts, Womens Vintage Sport T-Shirts, Unisex Baseball T-Shirts, and Mens Pique Polo Shirts. The logo is the prominent feature. Lionel "Luciano Illuminati" White is the creator of DMZ. He is the Founder/CEO of SPOIO and the author of Wealth Building Strategies of the Super Rich and The Boss. He is also a rock artist with 4 albums and 3 EPs, using the name Luciano Illuminati. To become a part of this special community, visit the website today @ Social media communities on: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:




July 11, 2021


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