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DEfitt DFT

DEFItt is a decentralised digital currency that is free of complete censorship and accessible to anyone. It is built on the BEP-20 token standard, powered by the Binance Smart Contract Blockchain. DEFItt leverages the properties of the blockchain technology, decentralised unalterable and indestructible technology to create a trusted, risk-free, fraud-free and transparent platform in a scalable way. DEFItt aims to give financial freedom by decreasing financial boundaries and supportive of individual and business opportunities. Associated with the cryptocurrency market, which has never been more transparent, let users transact at lower prices. Through crypto data, it gives a real-time understanding of transaction volumes. DEFItt transactions are on transparent open-access blockchains, which are visible to anyone on the network at all times. DEFItt is utilised by individuals, businesses, and exchanges. It’s also an investment vehicle that helps investors gain profits. Users can send, receive, trade, store, buy and sell with DEFItt.

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June 3, 2021


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