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Our Token was born on May 15, 2021 in order to guarantee a gift to each child who does not have the necessary means to maintain their illusion, their beliefs, in myths such as the Magi, Santa Claus, among others. It showed that believing in these illusions fosters creativity, mental development, and connectivity with the world. It is beneficial for children to keep magic and illusion. More and more families do not have the financial resources to guarantee these illusions and end up discovering the truth to their children. Children as young as 3, 4 or 7 years old, discovering the harsh reality, taking away the right to believe, to be innocent. Without forgetting those cases, that life's misfortunes, are orphans and are forced to break their illusions as there are no means to maintain them. Basically we are talking about sponsoring children who are on the verge of breaking their illusions. Our commitment is to try to save as many WISHES (illusions) as possible.

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May 15, 2021