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DEFY Farm is a revolutionary concept where we successfully removed the one problem every farming project has, inflation. There is no mint code in DEFY and no new defy coin will ever be produced. DEFY is an English word and as a word it means to : to confront with assured power of resistance OR to resist attempts at OR to challenge to do something considered impossible. We want to DEFY the rules set by the traditional financial institutions such as banks. DEFY is a symbol of revolt against this system where rich grows richer and poor becomes poorer. DEFY is a store of value. We know, the scarcer a product become, the pricier they get. Gold is pricey for this reason, diamond are even higher priced because they are less abundant than gold. BTC follows the same principle. Moreover, we are brining multiple sister projects (such as where DEFY will be used as the native currency and DEFY holders will earn from the profits made in that project.

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March 19, 2021


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